Where to Buy a Genie Bra

You might have heard about genie bras and are now wondering where to buy one. Well worry no more because this guide will give you a couple of places where you can get the product. Some reviews have stated that you can get these bras from your local stores.

One particular place where this bra can be purchased is the genie bra site Geniebra.com.  Before we go into details about the bras from this site, let us look at other places that sell the product.

Some of the Trusted Places Online

If you go to Bed Bath & Beyond you will find this product for an affordable $19.99. You will be able to buy them in a set of 2, and has one nude and one black bra. To be able to choose the size, you’ll have to look at the size chart that they have availed to you. The shipping costs may vary according to the place where you are at. You can look at their shipping policy to get an estimate of the amount that you may be expected to pay.

Another place that you can go to is Kohl’s. This place also offers the bras as a set of 2 for $24.99.. When on a sale, you can get them for about $22.49.  Here you will be able to see the sizes before you can order, so you don’t have to guess the size that you want. The colors available are black and nude. You also have the privilege of going through the reviews that other users have provided before you buy.

Still not satisfied with where to buy genie bra? Here is another place that you can go to.

Genie Bra.com

If you go to the site you will find a number of collections that you can choose from. You can choose tthe original collection which comprises of three bras (2black, 2nude, 2white) and costs about $59.99. Other collections include;

  • Lace trim collection (2 white, 2 black and 2 nude)
  • Brights collection (2 royal violet, 2 vibrant coral and 2 brilliant turquoise)
  • Pastels collection (2 barely pink, 2 powder blue and 2 soft heather)
  • Neutrals collection (2 rich cocoa, 2 twilight blue and 2 warm plum)

Each of these different collections will cost you about $59.99. If you buy three of these collections you get 3 free (can be from the same collection or different collections) and shipping is free. You can look at the bottom of the delivery section will clarify on how you will get your product wherever you are. It also includes the prices you would have to pay to have the products delivered to you. This place too also provides you with the different sizes available, so you can simply choose from there the one that you think will suit you perfectly.

These above are just some of the places that you can go to if you want to know where to buy genie bras. There are quite a lot of these places online that you can go to. When searching for the places to buy these bras, you can even set the search to sort the results by relevancy.  You can choose if you want your results to show the bras with high prices first or low prices first.


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