Genie Bra with Pads

For a long time now women have always battled with finding the perfect bra; one that will fit nicely, be easy to put on and remove; and provide support for their breasts. Whilst that perfect bra does not exist yet, there are some that come quite close and one of them is the Genie bra. There has been a lot of talk surrounding this bra and mostly this has been due to the extremely high expectations that women have had for this bra.


Are Pads a must with the Genie Bra?

The bra is designed to be used like that on its own without any pads. This usually works well for women with smaller cup sizes from A-C; in fact I would go on as to say that for women in this cup size range the bra is indeed perfect. For the larger sizes it does not provide the same support and fit.

This is where the pads come in. If you are a size larger than C then I would recommend buying your Genie bra with some accompanying pads. The pads will provide the much needed extra support and also give them a firm shape.


Despite the numerous complaints that most women have had regarding this bra, there has been a number of positive comments as well. I was actually surprised to come across a woman who is a 40DDD saying and I quote; “my bra is super supportive and comfy”.  The pads also help to hide the nipple from being visible when wearing tight fitting clothing.


I know I said that smaller sized women i.e. A-C can use the bra without pads. However because the pads offer extra lift and shape, I also suggest that they order pads for their bras as well.


Where Can You Get The Pads From?

Normally the bras are sold or ordered together with the pads. There are however one or two places from where you can get the pads separately. EBay is one place where you can get the pads as a set lot of 6 in the 3 standard colours black, nude and white for a price of $1.99. If you want to pick specific colours you can get the single pairs going for about $2.95 a pair. In fact EBay is the one place from where I would recommend that you get yourself a pair of pads.


Truth and Myths about the Genie Bra

There are some women who have heard doubts about using their shirt sizes as measurements for their required bra size. This is actually true, if you wear a size small shirt then you should order size small bra, if medium shirt then medium bra and if large shirt then large bra. This is because of the material that the Genie bra is made from.


It is a stretch fabric (nylon and spandex) that will comfortably match any size within its range.  It is also true that the bra does not require straps, wires or hooks.  For now the colours that are commonly available are Black, Nude and White.  The bra is machine washable but for those using them with pads it is advisable to remove the pads so that they maintain their shape.


Whilst it does look like a sports bra, its wear and feel is much different from a sports bra. Most women who have been sceptical with the commercials have come out to say that they are in love with the bra and it does deliver on its promises.



If you were wondering whether you need to buy pads together with your Genie bra then the answer is yes. Despite some of the negative reviews this bra has had generally it offers more advantages and benefits than most bras. I am using it, and have not had a bra as   comfortable as this one  in a long time and it’s likely that I will continue using for a while.




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