Genie Bra VS Ahh Bra Reviews

You may have heard of the genie bra and the ahh bra and you’re probably   wondering which bra to go for. If that is the case then you can go through these genie bra vs ahh bra reviews. These reviews will help make your decision easy.

The Genie bra

The genie bra is produced from microfiber. It is made from ninety six percent nylon and four percent spandex. It doesn’t have, the usually uncomfortable, hooks and under wires.

The Ahh Bra

The ahh bra has soft full coverage cups with v neck and wide shoulder straps. This bra doesn’t have straps, hooks and uncomfortable under wires. Women larger than DD (cup size) are not recommended to use this bra.

Genie Bra and Ahh Bra

Both the genie and ahh bras don’t have hooks and adjustable straps. They also don’t have the uncomfortable under wire characterized by   most bras. Both these bras will help you get rid of the bulges that usually appear at the back when you put on a bra and also get rid of the underarm cleavage.

Genie Bra Vs Ahh Bra Reviews

Most people who have purchased both bras gave the following feedback. The most common one was that there is not much difference between the two.

  1. The Genie bra gives the breasts more support compared to the ahh bra.
  2. The shipment and the handling costs for the genie bra are way higher than the ahh bra’s costs. The overall cost of each bra also differs.
  3. The sizes of both bras aren’t that easy to figure out.
  4. The genie bra has more color varieties than the ahh bras


  1. Support and Comfort

The genie bra was said to be more comfortable because it is double layered while the ahh bra is single layered. The genie bra has pads (which add more support and comfort). The genie bra pads help a lot since the bra material can be a see through, so in order to hide your nipples, you’ll need the pads. One advantage both bras have that people seem to like is the fact that the bra conforms to the shape of your body. It takes the shape of your body and fits perfectly regardless of weight loss or gain. There were quite a number of women who bought both products then complained that the bottom band rolls up.


  1. Shipment and Handling Costs

The genie bras are quite expensive, especially the shipment costs. This sometimes depends on your location. You can avoid these costs by buying the bras from your nearest store and you can also take advantage of the   discounts and coupons offered.


  1. Sizes

Sizes on both   bras are not easy to figure out. Most women complained that the adverts say that you should choose a bra that is the same size as your tops (t-shirt or shirt). When you order according to your top size, the bras tend to be very tight. To get a better fit you have to order your bras 1x or 2x your top size. This applies to both bras (1x for the ahh bra and 2x for the genie bra).


  1. Color Varieties

Most women preferred the genie bra simply because it has more color varieties compared to the ahh bra. Both types of bras are available in the custom colors (nude, black and white).You can also get the genie bra in powdered blue, soft heather, barely pink, vibrant coral, royal violet, brilliant turquoise, twilight blue, rich cocoa and warm plum (pastels, bright and neutrals). You can also get the genie bras in lace trim (black, white and nude).

The genie bra vs ahh bra reviews show that both bras have advantages and disadvantages. Both these bras are similar to sports bras and while they may be perfect for others, they may not be the best option for some. You can try any one of these bras, especially if you are tired of under wired bras.




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