Genie Bra Reviews

The genie bra has been shown as the answer to every woman’s prayer in TV infomercials. Genie bra reviews may tell a different story, but since people always have different opinions and experiences, below I will look at some of these reviews so we can draw a reasonable conclusion.

About Genie Bras

Genie bras are made from microfiber and have no seams. They use spandex nylon and conform to the body. They do not stretch even when you use them.  Unlike other bras, you don’t pick sizes according to the cup and band but you pick them according to your clothing size. Some of the bra features are:

  • moulds your natural shape
  • doesn’t have hooks, wires, or straps that need to be adjusted
  • The cup design is seamless
  • Produced with unique soft fabric (woven)
  • Support pads
  • The sizing is simple
  • Three hundred and sixty degrees comfort band that gives lift and support

Some of the Bra Sizes Available

To measure the bra size you will need you can look at the sizes and their equivalencies.

  • Small – 8
  • Medium – 10
  • Large – 12
  • Extra Large – 14
  • 2Extra Large – 16
  • 3Extra Large – 18
  • 4Extra Large – 20 – 22

Genie Bra Reviews from Different Sites

Since people have different experiences when it comes to products, I hope you will find the genie bra reviews to be helpful, especially if you plan to buy a genie bra. This bra has been said to be the best because of its one size fits all (all you need to do is buy one in your clothing size).

One review that was posted by Xena Cullen stated that the bra was the best ever and that it was very comfortable and it has a lot of support. Another satisfied customer (Tina) posted that the bra fits perfectly (better than any other bra she has used) and that she bought the bra as 2x her clothing size (14×2). She also stated that the bra looks good in fitted shirts. There are more reviews from satisfied customers that point out that the bra is quite comfortable and that it supports them perfectly.

Other sites that have useful reviews that you can look at before you make your decision are those sites selling the product. One of those sites is Amazon.com. Here you also find reviews from people who have used the product.

After going through most of the genie bra reviews above it is apparent that the bra is mostly comfortable on women with smaller breasts (cup A and B).


  • Genie bras are produced from microfiber and are seamless. They don’t have straps, wires or hooks.
  • The sizes are not according to cups and bands but according to the size of your clothing
  • There are a number of customers that bought the product and found it to be very useful

-Fits perfectly

-Supports breasts properly and can be worn with fitted shirts

-Different assortment of (variety) colors

  • There are some customers as well that were not satisfied with the bra

-The bra does not fit (too tight or small)

-Does not support breasts properly -Shipment and handling costs are too high

-Returning costs are also high

-Customer service is not good

Additional Information

Most people that use the genie bra have also tried the Ahh bra. Reviews show that the outcome (how people feel about both products) is almost the same. There genie bra can be bought from a number of sites (that also offer reviews) so be sure to look at them before you purchase the bra.

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