Genie Bra Reviews at Amazon

If you want to buy the genie bra (at Amazon.com) and want to see reviews first then you can go through this guide that will be talking about genie bra reviews at Amazon. These are reviews given by people that bought the bra and used it. Here they are simply stating their experience with the bra.

The Most Helpful Favorable review VS The Most Helpful Critical Review

Leigh H. Ille posted that this is her best bra ever. She got the bra as a present (Christmas present). When she received it she wasn’t sure what to expect, mostly because of the ‘As seen on TV’ Ad. She states that this is so comfortable she wears it for about 12 hours and more and sometimes even forgets that she is wearing a bra (she doesn’t like bras and she takes them off immediately she gets home). She likes the fact that the straps do not cut into her shoulders and that the pads add more comfort.

Mother dear “errin” ordered her bra and received it quite fast (through the mail). She wasn’t pleased with the way it  fit. Since she had read reviews and most people advised that for the bra to fit properly you should order two sizes bigger, she ordered the bra in a medium size (she is a size 8). The bra was small and instead of giving her the look that the genie bra models had (on the adverts) the bra gave her a uni-boob. She also complained that she has to spend more money and send it back.

Genie Bra

Sunseeker4126; She posted that a family member suggested the genie bras to her and since she doesn’t usually find the comfortable bra that fits her, she decided to give these bras a try. Another reason was that she has fibromyalgia and can’t fasten a bra (she can’t reach behind to fasten it). She bought the bras in a large size and they fit perfectly. She simply steps into the bra and then pulls it up into place. She also likes the fact that the shoulder straps are wide so they are very comfortable and they do not slip. The pack she bought had a black and a neutral bra, and she wishes she could buy a pack with two neutrals because she doesn’t usually wear a black bra.

Just Kat wrote her review and stated that this bra is the most comfortable bra ever. She is a 38DD and the large size she bought fits her properly. She says the bra was only tight the first few days (two to three days). She says the fabric stretches across the cleavage but only enough to create a small valley and it does not create any uni-boob (like some reviews say). She states that the bra does not give  the up-lift (that most under wire bras give) but it lifts the boobs enough for them to be where they are supposed to be. She recommends this bra to anyone looking for an everyday wear comfy bra. She also does state that the bra is neither sexy nor cute but very comfortable.

Best Thing Ever to Hold My Breast
Wolke.s wrote that the bras are very comfortable (but are not cute or sexy). Since she is A to B cup and a 36 or a 38 A, she ordered the medium size bra (like an A cup or a 10-size). The bra could not go down her shoulders or up her hips so she sent it back in exchange for a bigger size. She then bought the large size. She says she felt good but looked strangled.  She went on to buy another one (in XL). This one fit perfectly “fits like a glove” were her exact words. She says the bra gives the right support and does not hurt even if you sleep with it.

These are some of the genie bra reviews at Amazon. There are some other (genie bra reviews) that you can go through that were taken from other sites. Reading these reviews will be helpful since you also get to view (genie bra complaints) that people have written (you can then decide after you have read all you need on the bra).

Apart from these genie bra reviews at Amazon, you can also learn about (genie bra coupon) and (where to buy genie bras). But first make sure that you go through all these reviews to get all the information you need before you make your final decision.



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